Sleep apnea or obstructive sleep apnea is a condition where a persons throat is partially or completely blocked when they sleep and wakes them up. Millions of people suffer from this condition and there are multiple treatment for this. One of the common treatment are CPAP machines (continuous positive airway pressure)
CPAP machines are effective but are rather bulky so when you go traveling or camping they are not really an option. This can have a negative effect on you travels or yo are to tired to enjoy camping games with the family.

A portable solution called the Airing is in development that will be a huge improvement on camping CPAP machines.

What is Airing?
Airing is a micro CPAP machine that is in development and started as a indiegogo project. It is still in the development phase and is awaiting FDA approval.
Airing liberates the user from any and all hoses and wires and greatly improves comfort levels. Studies has shown that almost 50% of CPAP user give up after the first year due to how unportable the devices are.

How does the Airing work?
The airing device uses multiple micro blowers that is stacked up and generates enough air and force to replace a CPAP mask. It will generate enough force to cover all the treatment ranges that doctors recommend.The micro batteries have enough capacity to last one night(8 Hours). Instead of using rechargeable lithium-ion batteries a zinc-air battery will be used that can a higher charge per weight and greatly reduces the comfort level.
It will be a fully recyclable device and the user will have a fresh unit every night. Airing claims each new unit will cost around $3 and after rebates it will cost about 60c.
One of the advantages of this method will be no cleaning of the mask every night which will be great if you are camping in the outdoors.

The Airing will have a soft silicone nosepiece that will be inserted in the nostrils that will make for a much more comfortable sleep at night. It small, hose-less design also makes it a huge improvement on the sleep apnea’s partner (especially if you share a tent).
Another advantage of the airing design is the noise level. CPAP machines force air into the users face via the mask and is rather noisy. Due to the Airing micro blowers the noise level is kept at a minimum. Because of the high volume airflow in normal CPAP designs, the user also suffers from a dry throughs or nose. The Airing regulates a specified constant pressure through the nose so no humidifier is needed, which in turn is another space saver.

Some concerns on how effective it will be for mouth breathers, but studies show that the natural position of the mouth is closed but studies on the final product will tell.

The Airing is an exciting device for sleep apnea and CPAP users. Once it out of development it could be one of the most comfortable travel and camping CPAP machine out there and could also easily replace any home device.

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