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Diabetes is caused by the insufficient production of the hormone insulin by the pancreas. The first artificial pancreas systems were beginning to infiltrate the market to help diabetics regulate their insulin levels. In clinical trails and test it has shown that patients using the AP had a 13% increase in maintaining the desired hormone levels with very little interference.

How the artificial pancreas works

Artificial pancreas

The artificial pancreas (also called a closed loop insulin delivery system), monitors blood glucose levels and then calculates the amount of insulin required. The required amount of insulin is then delivered by a pump.

This closed loop system performs the same function as a pancreas in a non-diabetic person and is thus called a artificial pancreas.

This break through technology will not only increase the standard of living for diabetics but also will be able to safe life’s.

How it is different than the CGM

The artificial pancreas system communicates to both the sensor and the pump. The main aim for the closed loop artificial pancreas is to eliminate any human intervention. In clinical test, the AP systems have resulted in better glucose ranges with less hypoglycemia, and they have also improved controlling blood sugar levels during the night. The Artificial Pancreas is not an cure for diabetes but it is a huge improvement on maintaining blood sugar levels with minimum human interference or monitoring.

The Future:

The first Artificial Pancreas was developed in the 1970’s. Monitoring and administering devices have made huge improvements. The shift has also moved from reactive to predictive and with the development of modern algorithms it has shown remarkable benefits.

In June 2017, Medtronic launched the first commercialized product, the Minimed 670G.

The Minimed is not a fully closed loop system and still needs some input from the patient during meals or exercises. However, continuous upgrading of the system will almost completely eliminate any patient input. This new technology is also taken up now by other industry leaders, which will in turn, increase the rate of research and development.

The Artificial Pancreas will improve the life’s of diabetics tremendously and a fully closed loop system will be available on the market in the near future.

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