needle free injection

Needle syringes have been a cardinal component for the medical industry and with out it the industry would grind to a halt. Up in till recently it was only nurses, doctors or trained medical personal that would administer a syringe, but recent developments of epipens or auto injectors has caused a shift. With some basic training patient now take the responsibility on them selves, however needle paranoia has still been restrictive of patient taking full control.

In addition to needle paranoia/anxiety and the associated pain with injections the are also a host of other problems.

From the patients point of view needles can cause injuries and also injections. From the Pharma side needles have limitations when it comes to dense drug injections or drugs that have a very high concentration level.

Needle-free injection Technologies:

Needle-free injection technologies or NFITs is a technology of late that is over coming these problems. NFITs uses a high energy propellant like a spring/gas fired system or a laser propelled system to deliver a precise dosage by jet through the skin. Depending on the power of the delivery system the drug can be delivered deep into the muscle or just under the subcutaneous skin.

While NFITs is coming a long way there is still problems when it comes to delivering a wide range of viscosities or the measuring of precise dosages.

Portal Prime:

The PRIME is a NFIT that’s been develop by Portal Instruments and it is a digitally controlled jet injection device. Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) has been leading the research over the last 10 years and it has proved to resolve a lot of the common problems that’s associated with NFITs.

The Portal Prime delivery system can deliver precise and constant dosages from a range of drugs with different viscosities. It can also deliver the drug subcutaneously, intradermal or intramuscular which cover the criteria for a umber of disease or disabilities.

How does it work?

The PRIME NFIT has a electromagnetic actuator that is controlled by a computer that generates a jet that is 1/7 the diameter of a normal needle. This jet is the carrier for the drug in a pellet or liquid form. The jet can deliver the drug to any depth and does not need any mechanical component to pierce the skin, so it creates far less pain and discomfort then a normal needle.

The device itself is made out of Zeonex and the innards out of polycarbonate and ethylene propylene rubber, which meets the highest medical quality, standard.

The injection profile consists of 2 stages. In stage 1 the jet is accelerated to 240m/s and pierces the skin and reaches the desired depth. Computer feedback will reduce the pressure in stage 2 to ensure precise targeting and dosage of the drug. The whole injection lasts no more then 0.3 seconds.

The biggest advantage of the PRIME is the fact that in can deliver drugs in dry form. The fact that these micro-pellets can be delivered without mixing in a liquid is great where the is no refrigeration like disaster zones.

The whole system is also connected to the cloud and doctors and care givers can have up to date precise data even if they are removed from the patient.


The Portal PRIME is a breakthrough NFIT that is leading the way when it come to pain free, precise dosage delivery of drugs.

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