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Man's ego is seen in the form of his personality and thinking. It is a feeling that makes us believe in ourselves. Due to this feeling, we keep ourselves aloof from the effects of various experiences of happiness or unhappiness.

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Psychologists believe that a person's success or failure is on the basis of his self-enhancement. If a person is weak in terms of self-enhancement then he starts thinking about the success of others while a strong person thinks about his own success. Hence, a person with a good self-enhancement is able to achieve success.Self-enhancement means the enrichment of your personality that comes from your life experiences. This includes your thoughts, feelings, behaviors and your social cognition. A perfect self-enhancement person needs to focus on his own development so that he can cross his limits and reach the highest level.In addition, arrogance gives us a feeling of being happy according to our social position, power, position or wealth. When we are in the grip of this feeling, we feel superior or above the people around us.Nevertheless, the ego is a flawed emotion that can take a toll on our relationships and productivity. When we are so lost in the ego that we ignore other people, we become disconnected from them. This has a negative impact on our relationships and in the long run leads to stress and less productivity.ego attitude whatsapp status video download.ego attitude status video download.ego whatsapp status video download.ego whatsapp status download.ego status video download mirchi.