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what is happiness? The answer to this question has always been important to the human community. It is an experience that we all want and which is an important part of our lives. Happiness transforms the state of our mind, body and soul.

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About the importance of happiness Many people believe that it is just a form of entertainment, but actually happiness is very important in our life. Happiness is an important foundation for our health, ability to connect with the outside world, enthusiasm and success in relationships, as well as many other important elements in our lives. Science has confirmed the benefits of happiness. An unhappy person may be more prone to infections than a happy person. Happier people tend to be more proactive and have an equal outlook in relationships. They have better ingredients to grow better in all spheres of life. Without happiness, life feels incomplete. We should really enjoy the little things that exist in life. To be happy, we must discover different ways,what is happiness? While searching for the answer to this question, we often do not find ourselves staring at it. But its definition is very simple. Happiness is a state in which we are happy and which gives us satisfaction and pleasant experience. It is an emotion that we not only feel in ourselves but can also share it with others.Happiness is an important part of our life. This increases our strength to stay healthy and makes us more positive. Without it, we feel unsatisfied and fatigued.happyness whatsapp status video download.happiness whatsapp status video download.happiness kdrama whatsapp status video download.happiness whatsapp status download.happiness whatsapp status video.j happiness status video download.happyness whatsapp status video download 2023