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Nature is the basis of our life. It gives us life, fulfills our needs and makes us full of experiences. Nature has unlimited wealth of trees, plants, flowers, animals, birds, rivers, lakes, mountains etc. Apart from this, nature advises us to live a peaceful, healthy and happy life. We should protect it so that we can make our future generations also experience a beautiful and healthy nature.

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Nature is the space around us that has been given to us. It is a group of entire flora, fauna, rivers, lakes, mountains and seas of our earth. Nature gives us peace, healthy life and balanced campus. Therefore, we should preserve nature so that we and our future generations can benefit from it.Nature is the whole landscape of the earth including all the living beings, plants, mountains, rivers, lakes and forests present around us. Nature is the basic source for us, which helps us to meet the life requirements like food, water and air. We benefit from the beauty of the earth and the richness of its world. At the same time, our sensibilities are also inspired by heroes of nature such as the Bengal tiger, the leeched macaque and the confluence of the Sundarbans. So, we should conserve nature so that we can give a healthy environment to our future generations.Nature is that great and mysterious force that surrounds all the living beings and things around us. Earth, air, water and fire – all these are important elements of nature. Nature is very important to us because it gives us food, changing weather, beauty of the world and enjoyment of life.Nature is not only important for our survival, but it also helps to keep our mind calm. Working with nature and maintaining a connection with it gives us peace and joy. Therefore, it is very important for us to maintain a connection with nature.whatsapp status video nature with song.nature 4k video ultra hd status.beautiful nature video status.nature video status download.nature video whatsapp status.nature whatsapp status video.scenery video status.status video nature.nature whatsapp status with song.nature status video download.nature status video.nature whatsapp status tamil.nature video status.