New Gharwali Pahadi Video Status Video Download

Gharwali hill station is a beautiful and peaceful place in Pithoragarh district of Uttarakhand. This place is situated amidst the mountainous environment and is considered to be a wonderful example of the magnificent nature of India.New Gharwali Pahadi WhatsApp Status Video Download

New Gharwali Pahadi WhatsApp Status Video

The Gharwali hill station has beautiful valleys, dense forests, high mountains and beautiful lakes. The different pictures here have made this place a beautiful tourist destination.One of the most famous places in Gharwali hill station is Naini Lake. This lake casts its shadow in the sky and from here you can enjoy the beauty of the mountains. Apart from this, there are many other places to visit such as the Battle Field Ropeway, Hanuman Garhi Temple and the remains of India's oldest Ghat Sabba.There are some small villages in the surrounding areas of Gharwali hill station, my house is there in the middle of the mountains, where you wake up in the morning and get a pleasant atmosphere. Seeing the view of nature here, the mind becomes happy. The color of greenery is scattered around the house and fragrances are spread.The most beautiful thing about my house is the weather there. Here the view of the snowy mountains is very beautiful in winter, while in summer you get freshness from the fizz here.

New Gharwali Pahadi WhatsApp Status Video Download

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