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Ever since the music and dance of Rajasthan became popular in Bollywood, the evergreen tradition of Rajasthan has remained half-open. The spirit of music and dance of Rajasthan is still high, but they have lost their original form.

Rajasthani Sad Status Video Download

Singers and musicians of Rajasthan have always kept alive the priceless heritage of Rajasthan in their songs. But in today's songs, the heritage of Rajasthan is not presented in its true sense.Along with this, the food and drink tradition of Rajasthan is also decreasing day by day due to its own characteristics. Now-a-days people prefer to eat outside fast and they forget the traditional food of Rajasthan. Not only does this harm the traditions of Rajasthan, but it also threatens their culture and heritage.It is sad that no special initiative is being taken to save these evergreen traditions of Rajasthan.Rajasthan is a state of India which is known for its ancient culture and diversities. However, a major part of the development of this state is full of calamities, problems and sorrows.Rajasthan faces drought which is not the case in other parts of the country. Due to flood, drought and uncontrollable population growth, scarcity of water and scarcity of food resources have led to famine and ferocity in Rajasthan. Most of the people have employment problem who are struggling for daily income.From childhood one has to struggle between the problems of education. Many children are deprived of education and because of poverty they refuse to go to school. The situation is also particularly difficult for girls, who do not like to go to the husband's house after marriage.status marwadi.new marwadi status.rajasthani comedy status.rajasthani new status.new rajasthani status.marwadi whatsapp status.status rajasthani.rajasthani whatsapp status.marwadi status.rajasthani status.rajasthani style.rajasthani ke.rajasthani jodhpur.rajasthani.