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Sadness is a feeling that makes one feel like drowning in a high and deep wave. This means that it can wreak havoc on your mind and make you feel lonely as well. It is a feeling that can engulf any person, be it a child or an old man.

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Grief is an emotion that all of us must have felt at some point in time. It is an integral part of our life which we all have to accept. Grief means when we suffer some loss which hurts our feelings immensely. Living with this feeling can be a difficult challenge.Grief can have many causes, such as love failure, loss of a loved one, separation from loved ones, death, conflict or financial hardship. This feeling is very personal and its effect also varies from person to person.For those who live with sorrow, there is no friend more than time. But there are ways to make it better over time. We have to accept our sadness before this emotion can take us along with many other emotions within us. that's right it's better to avoidfeeling sad whatsapp status tamil.sad whatsapp status malayalam.sad tamil whatsapp status.status video sad.sad whatsapp status sad whatsapp status tamil.sad whatsapp status telugu.bewafa status video.sad life whatsapp status tamil.sad status tamil.sad video status.sad punjabi status.sad whatsapp status tamil.sad status video