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Love is such a force that pulls our heart towards itself. When we love someone, we like to share everything with that person. We want to share with them our joys and sorrows, our hopes and fears.

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Love is called 'प्रेम' in Telugu language. Love is a very important word in Telugu which adds a new dimension of happiness in your life. Through love we share experiences with each other and live the happiest moments of our lives.Love is the experience that gives you a chance to know one of the most important things in life. It fills your soul and gives you a feeling of contentment, happiness, and joy.When we are in love, we like to spend every moment of our life with our partner. Love has not always been easy to understand, it is a force that helps us to understand the meaning of our life. When we love someone, a new energy boils inside us which gives us the strength to move forward in every aspect of life.Telugu language is a very beautiful language in which it is a wonderful experience to speak and write about love. This language is also known for its culture and heritage.When you love someone, you cannot be apart from them. Your whole world is visible in their eyes and without them your life is incomplete. Your love makes you understand that when you are fighting with the world, you always have a muse to inspire you to move forward.telugu love failure whatsapp status telugu.whatsapp status video telugu.telugu status videos.telugu songs whatsapp status.sad whatsapp status telugu.telugu love whatsapp songs telugu whatsapp whatsapp status status telugu.whatsapp telugu status.