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I have a very sad day today. I feel that I am living in loneliness. Right now I have a lot of sorrow in my heart and I am unable to contain myself. Maybe I need to get myself out of loneliness for a while. Today I am sharing a sad status in telugu language.

Telugu New Sad WhatsApp Status Video Download

My dear Telugu speaking friends, today is a sad status message. Today some people are heartbroken and are feeling lonely and helpless. If you're in this situation, you don't want to feel alone. Always remember that life is a journey which passes through different phases. Your failures and sorrows are the most important lessons of your life.Today's sad situation is a message in your life that you should believe in yourself. You are a strong and capable person who can deal with any difficulty. Believe in yourself and enjoy all aspects of life.It is written in this status that a special person from my heart has behaved unfairly with me and there is no one to love me. This status is sad but it has helped me to express my problems. To get out of this sad situation, spend time with people who love you and are useful to you. With their help, you can quickly get out of this situation.sad status video telugu.sad video status telugu.emotional telugu whatsapp status.whatsapp status telugu sad.sad whatsapp status in telugu.telugu sad songs whatsapp status.telugu sad status.sad song whatsapp status telugu.telugu emotional whatsapp status.sad telugu whatsapp status.sad status in telugu.telugu sad whatsapp status.sad status for whatsapp telugu.sad status telugu.sad whatsapp status telugu.